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Client Testimonials

I recently started a business and absolutely needed a intuitive website to help with productivity and interaction with my accounts. The idea of creating a template based site for myself seemed simple until I actually dove into it and saw how much time it would take and how little I actully knew about it. Not only did RFS build my website, they also allowed me to be a part of the process through its entirety. They listened to my concepts and executed them perfectly. RFS also created my logo and came up with something that far exceeded my own initial idea of what I wanted to be. Now that everything is up and running smoothly, I know I have RFS to help with any back end projects I may need completed in the future and I have far more time to focus on other aspects of my business. I can't thank RFS enough for helping my business and myself in this crucial time.

Rise Form Studio has been working for the PFFMA since 2011. RFS has handled everything from host issues to updates and even a complete redesign of our website. When ordering changes or updates, their work is always done accurately and in a timely fashion. The communication of our needs has always been done acutely and promptly.

I have been working with Rise Form Studio for a few years. They have designed and built several Bandcamp pages and done artwork for my digital album releases. They do great work, highly recommended.